Hi! My name is Michael – I am wedding photographer from Gdansk.

I take pictures mainly on the area – Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia.

I am very glad that you are here because it means that you like my photos.
I will try to help you as best as I can. I am for you and you are the most important for me. I try to look at the photography with my heart. I prepared this website for you to bring you closer to what I live. Make yourself comfortable. Feel like at home.

Something about me

I am taking pictures since 2009. Thanks to the trust of the Couples, which it is honor to photograph, I have abandoned the design office in construction and I can deal with what makes me really happy! I am very grateful that taking photos I can meet you and combine work with passion!

Why would I need a professional photographer?

Wedding photography is an investment in memories.
What memories do you want to have?

What is the best time to look for a photographer?

The most beautiful photos are great memories, because in a few years only pictures will remain from the memories. It is worth to find photographer two years before the wedding, because the dates of good photographers are disappearing closer to the season. Here you will find a guide - how to choose a wedding photographer.


What can I expect?

“Thank you for the perfect approach to the matter, we are happy with the decision.” Dorota & Grzegorz


What can I expect?

“You opened our eyes to what wedding photography is and why should we choose our photographer carefully.” Michalina & Piotr


What can I expect?

“Your photos looks like they stole soul. They are joyful, natural and not posed and they focus on emotions.” Weronika & Damian


What can I expect?

“If one of my relatives is looking for a photographer I will tell them about You, I have reviewed your photos and they are fantastic. We already have a photographer. I regret a little that I have not seen your profile and photos before…” Emilia & Krzysztof


What can I expect?

“The pictures are different than all we have seen before, they have beautiful live colors, which in 30 years will still be nice in reception.” Emilia & Karol


What can I expect?

“Sister watched you work at a wedding because her husband was a photographer and she says that it is full of professionalism.” Basia & Piotr


What can I expect?

“All friends praise that they have not seen such photos yet.” Magda & Wojtek


What can I expect?

“Great contact and professional approach to photos, you can see something more in them!” Monika & Paweł

What's included in the price?

The price includes a reportage on the wedding day. Usually, it's 12 hours of work that includes preparation, ceremony and wedding reception. The price also includes a mini session on the day of the Celebration. In addition - wedding session, a photo book and possible additions such as a fiancée session, a photo booth, the LOVE sign, additional photo books.

How to be sure of choice?

I know how important it is for you to have a confirmation of a good decision. That's why I have a proposition - call me. You will hear me, feel whether this is what you are looking for, and this will be a chance to know who I am. Please also look at the wedding guide. I described there how to choose a wedding photographer. I have also developed my own way - how to help you find out what the right decision is. No photographer has it! Do not worry - you will be positively surprised! Ask for details!

What couples are you looking for?

I am looking for crazy in love couples, lovers of fun and natural, not posed photos. It's important to me that we could like to like each other, find a common language, have a similar taste... Let us experience a great photographic adventure together, let me tell you your story with my pictures. I want to cooperate with madly in love couples. People who love to live with passion and joy. If you live with passion like me, you like to have fun and most importantly - you have not found a photographer let me know that we have something in common! I am happy to talk about your unique ideas for the wedding and wedding reception.

Can you offer something that no one else has?

What would you say I have a gift worth 1000 PLN! It is a private, encrypted blog about your wedding. You will find there a quiz about you for guests, a guest book, a clock counting down to the celebration day, access maps, photos and everything that you want to include on it! For example, information that did not fit into the invitations - we take the sneakers for next day. Guests will be up to date with all information! Couples often give the link to their own site on invitations.

We choose you, what next?

Thank you for your trust and I am glad that I will have the privilege to photograph your wedding.

The first - signing the contract. If you are from afar - I will send you the contract and you will send back the signed scan, then I will send it to you. If you're from the Tri-City, we'll sign the contract at a delicious coffee meeting - with lots of milk, of course;)

The contract contains all the information you need. I do not accept any cash. Everything is done by bank transfers. The payment of a deposit - 30% of the contract value is the guarantee of the date. The rest is payable up to a week after the celebration.

A few weeks before the ceremony, I will contact you and arrange all the necessary details that I should know to capture Your Day.

Why a fiancee session?

The engagement session is, among other things, a great way to break the nerves in front of the camera. Imagine the results it brings on the day of the Celebration. There is no Couple who would not take advantage of it. More details about the benefits of the engagement session can be found in the wedding guide.

How much do we have to wait for photos?

I have a surprise for you, I'm curious how you like it. Dor free - one week after the ceremony you will receive 50 photos of the Celebration! And that's why you can experience the wedding emotions fresh! You will receive all of the material in about three months after the last part of the order.

Is it worth giving a Photobook as a gift to my parents?

Maybe you think you do not need any additional printouts. But imagine the joy of the parents with a beautiful photo book that you can give them for Christmas, or honor them for the effort of education. Parents do not really start the computer when they meet friends to show their children's wedding photos. The photo book will be a lasting souvenir for them, and they will always be able to reach for it just like you.

International wedding

No problem! I had the pleasure of photographing ceremonies that were completely foreign, such as a ceremony Regine and Anders - couple from Norway. We get along in the noble language of the Queen of England, although according to native Americans, my english is like the farmer from Texas...


Helena i Jarek:

Sensational photographer, with an idea, with great sensitivity, with great patience, great calmness and even bigger smile. Working with him it is a pleasure. Pictures full of emotions, they show all the experiences! Beautiful moments stuck on a piece of paper. I recommend Michał with great pleasure!

Basia i Piotr:

Why Michał? Because he listens, because he feels, because he can, because he supports because he knows what he is doing! This is the right man in the right place! I think that we will cooperate more than once!

Marta i Czarek:

Michał is a very professional and perfect photographer but at the same time very cheerful, smiling and able to find himself in every situation. Even when there are emotional tears in the church, Michał from behind the camera can lift spirits smiling and make you stop being stressed. If I were to describe all the emotions shown in the pictures we received from Michał, the servers on Facebook could not withstand the amount of information. We recommend him from all over the heart because we know that he will not let anyone who cares about a good capturing every second on the most important day in life.

Magda i Wojtek:

I had the opportunity to work with Michał and it was the best possible choice. The professionalism of his work and the amazing effects of the pictures make him stand out from other photographers. It perfectly reflects the emotions and the climate accompanying the given situation, attaches to the smallest details. The session comes in an individual way and always has a lot of inspirational ideas. With him, everyone on the set will feel special. He is simply an artist - he can bring out the beauty of every moment. I definitely recommend him!

Dorota i Filip:

Full professionalism and at the same time an individual approach. I recommend anyone who is looking for a professional who can show emotions and capture every situation! We are 100% satisfied.

Monika i Paweł:

The best photographer in the world. If I was getting married with my husband for the next time, surely pictures would make Michał !!!!

Ilona i Rafał:

Thank you for the miracle photos showing my family! I can recommend Michał to every person who expects a fully professional approach, friendly attitude and a great effect.

Natalia i Cyprian:

Mr. Michał is the one artist of his kind. He takes very creative photos! He has a head full of ideas! Thanks to him we are happy to open an album with wedding photos and we return to those magical moments! Thank you!

Ula i Błażej:

The decision to choose Michał as a photographer for our wedding was primarily due to the fact that six months earlier he took pictures at our friends wedding party and practically all my photos were beautiful, which is rare 🙂 Michał has the talent to capture the best moments, in his pictures he can perfectly capture the emotions that were at the moment, it is full of life and joy and that's what it's all about! At the outdoor session, Michał creates a very nice atmosphere, so even the most tense models will be relaxed, thanks to which the photos are very natural (there is no artificial posing, which I feared). In my opinion, you can not choose better !!! 🙂

Kasia i Wojtek:

I honestly recommend Michał's services! I had the pleasure working with him during the family session. It's a professional! His photos are beautiful and filled with emotions! I would highly recommend!!!

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What memories do you want to have?

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Wedding photography, family photos, photo sessions. I mainly photograph in the Tri-City - Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, but I'm not afraid to get anywhere to make beautiful wedding pictures for you. :)

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