How to choose a wedding photographer?

A good wedding photographer… Who should you choose? What advice to follow? That is the question…


If you’re looking for a good photographer, then it’s worth taking an interest in it earlier. The safest is two years before the Ceremony. Better do not leave it for the last minute. Professionals have a lot of work.

Before you ask a photographer for an offer – it’s good to have a wedding date and place already booked. You will save your time searching and talikng later, when you find out photographer’s date is already busy.

Not every photographer is for you.

It’s hard to feel if it’s that what you are looking for through the mail. Only the phone call or meeting will help. Some photographers may not suit you. They would be unsympathetic, maybe they would have a strange image or behave like a star…

It would be good if your wedding photographer was a positive person and you were on the same wavelength. It’s better that you feel comfortable with him, because it is the most important day in your life! So the photos will be beautiful and natural.

Where to search?

There are a lot of pages with a list of photographers. It is also good to ask your friends for a recommendation. Maybe you saw the photographer in the action at the wedding? Necessarily check the portfolio. Answer yourself. Do you like the style of the photos, would you like to see these pictures at your wedding? What emotions do you have watching those photos?

Does the photographer have a website, social media? Check if you can find any opinions about him on the internet – for example on facebook. You will see if you can trust him. It is worth to watch – preferably a few full wedding reportages. You will know ​​what to expect.

You already know what photos you like. Let’s prepare a list with contacts. It is worth to call every photographer, check if the date is free and ask for an offer.

Telephone call

Why is it better to call and not to write an email? You will hear the voice. Only then you will know how much different impression you have listening to several different photographers. You will feel it what is the best for you..

It’s good to know for how many years is the photographer working. How many couples does he photographed? Does he take photography professionally or casually? What kind of equipment does he use to photograph? Is he developing skills? It will allow you to check his professionalism, you will get to know who you are dealing with and you will feel if you are closer to the final decision.


Usually the offer contains wedding day reportage – preparation, blessing, ceremony, wedding reception, sometimes a short photo session on the day of the wedding. In Poland, an outdoor photo session is also on a different day. It usually lasts few hours.

Photographers have additions – fiancée session, wedding albums, photo books, beautiful pendrive, prints, slideshows, online gallery, wedding blog, LOVE sign, photo booth.

It’s worth ordering all the necessary additions in one place. You save time, you have more time for yourself and your loved ones, and you get all the service you need in one place. It is also worth thinking about additional albums for parents and grandparents, who will surely often look at them and it will be a souvenir for their whole life.

Be sure to sign a contract. Read it all. Ask for an explanation if you do not understand something. Do not be afraid to ask.

__Thank you for reading, I tried to introduce you to this topic. I hope that the article was interesting for you. If so, it will be very nice to me if you comment or share it, maybe it will help others.

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