12 secrets – feel more comfortable on your wedding day!

Maybe you are wondering where to get useful knowledge that will help you feel more comfortable on the wedding day. We’ve prepared some tips for you. I wish you a pleasant reading.

1. Dance shoes

It’s worth taking care of comfortable shoes. We especially recommend dance shoes, they have a comfortable and very soft sole. Try it on in the dance shoes store. In addition, the shoes have beautiful fashions, colors and decorations. They do not slide – they are specially prepared for dancers. And the comfort of your feet is the foundation of your comfort at the wedding!

2. The second pair of shoes

Second pair of shoes for a change – just in case. If you choose dance shoes as basic – you will probably not need next pair, but you may want to feel more comfortable in flat shoes without a heel.

3. Adjust the shoes

Every shoes – even dance shoes – requires that you get used to them. Especially when you are dealing with a heel and you will spend many hours moving and dancing. Try to walk in your shoes before the wedding for a little time so it will be natural for you.

4. Correct heel height

Due to the very intense day of the wedding – it’s worth to have correct heel heights. The height heel up to 5 cm should be comfortable. Of course, best heights are you feel good. The dressmaker will adjust the length of the wedding dress to the heel, usually 1cm or 2cm above the ground. It is worth remembering that if you are going to change shoes to flat shoes during the wedding, the dress can touch the ground. This is an important aspect of fitting a dress to a shoe. The Height of the heel we need to adjust to the growth of the groom. Compensate differences in growth.

5. Overcoat

Evenings can be colder than the day and it is worth having something to put on your shoulders, do not let coldness interrupt you!

6. Tying the dress – not too tight

It is good to check what range of move you will be able to perform in a fully-fastened dress. When you practice it before the wedding, then on the preparations you can determine how strong binding can be.

7. Get to know your wedding hall

It is worth going in shoes to the wedding hall before your day. You can walk the dance floor and check the quality. You will see how the foot behaves.

8. Exercise of movement in a dress

If possible, practice dancing and turns at the wedding hall not only in shoes, but also in a dress or petticoat. You will check what range of movement you will be able to perform dancing your first dance. You will not be surprised at the wedding!

9. Hand fan

It would be good to have a hand fan on on the wedding. It will be useful when you dance, and you will not be able to wipe your face with a towel. Thanks to the fan you will feel more comfortable and many a girls at the wedding will be a little bit jealous.

10. To the rescue – powder and oil absorbing tissues

Sweat and tears are not make-up companions. But you can help yourself if you need – you can use powder – preferably transparent and matting oil absorbing tissues.

11. Try makeup

You will be not surprised on the day of the wedding if you have proven makeup. So you should go to the test before and see if this is what you are looking for. Check it in different conditions – weather, wind, hot, wet…

12. Dance lessons

Before the wedding it is worth to go for a few lessons of the first dance to a specialist. It will give you some details and help you adjust the character of the dance to music. You will be calmer.

If you feel a bit calmer after reading the article, please let me know in comment, share these tips, maybe we can help other Brides!

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